Blue Cafeteria

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Blue Cafeteria

Blue Jay
Acrylic on canvasboard, 18 7/8 x 6 1/2n. (2005)

I seem to have a fondness for painting Blue Jays. This is my fourth (or maybe, the fifth). No matter.

A beautiful bird, and nature had the good graces not to distinguish the males from the females, at least in terms of dress. Anytime, any place seems to be a good place for dinner time. Relatively fearless, they often mimic other birds - especially hawks - flushing the good eating places to themselves.

Curious thing about eating peanuts ... the jay will shell them, digging out the fruit (just like humans). Elephants on the other hand, do not shell ... or more to the point, they cannot shell. Other than their supplying their digestive tract, I wonder if elephants know the more tasteful joys of eating peanuts.

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