Cassidy Place

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Cassidy Place

an abandoned homestead in Hallville, Ontario
Acrylic on masonite, 36 x 24 in. (1998)

This is a house portrait, in this case a a cross-over habitat from people to squirrels and racoons. The people are gone now, the mailbox old, and rusted.

The one sign of modernity is the fire route address sign 163006, a modern contrast to the weather-beaten boards, dried out mortar, and vehicles abandoned to their fates in the wind and rain.

Four chimneys protrude to scrape the low-lying clouds parried by the lighting rods. On the one hand, sad ... on the other, it was once a much different place when this house was a home for the Cassidys.

Update 2012: this house has since been refurbished, and the property reconfigured as a horse farm.

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