End of Season

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End of Season

A roadside vegetable stand is made ready for winter
Acrylic on canvas, 25 x 20 inches (2012)

For those of us who travel Highway 7 in eastern Ontario, or for that matter many rural highways, roadside vegetable stands festoon the broad shoulders of the road with dazzling eye-grabbing colours and a selection of organic goodies. The offerings may be homemade pies and tarts, garden vegetables and in-season strawberries (July), raspberries and blueberries in late summer and fall.

In this case, the vegetable stand (about 12 kms west of Sharbot Lake Ontario) has chosen a gaudy yellow canary colour, following at least one principle of advertisng "get their attention". Okay you got it . . . can I look away now. With affects of sun, wind, searing heat and stop motion cold, hard rains and matterhorns of snow, the colour (and the structure) takes a beating. The reds of rust and fall leaves and the peek-a-boo colours of bare wood, blend with the lemomade of sun-washed paint. In other words, its looks become subdued in short order.

So, every season or two, rotted or vandalized panels are replaced, loose screws tightened, and perhaps a generous overcoat of paint restores the place to its original vigor, and renew its exhortation "May I have your attention please?"

So, stop in. Prices might be higher than you like, but you meet some of the finest people.

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