Frog and his Kid

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Frog and his Kid

a bullfrog in embarrassing display
Acrylic on canvas 10 1/8 x 12 1/8 in. (2000)

It has been my experience, and something I gladly pass on to the next generations, that to be a kid near a river, lake or puddle, you must seek out any and all frogs. Girl or boy, no matter . . .

The best frogs to catch and to hold are the fully grown bullfrogs, massive basso- profundo bodies easy to spot as they powerfully swim away from your grasp. It's like they know it is their destiny to be caught, and graciously allow us mere humans to handle them. Hold them up for all to see. Set them loose in the kitchen to the fearsome sweeping of a mother's broom.

It's not enough to display these guys just the once: no, many times, until each kid has had their turn at the catching and holding stages: bragging rights about frog handling are very important you know. Until the novelty wears a little thinner (if not the frog peeing all over you), and the bulbous amphibian is loosed again, kids and frog bonded, bugs and belching ahead in the summer days.

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