Lightning Pine

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Lightning Pine

White Pine after a lightning strike
acrylic on masonite, 17 x 24 (August 2007)

Much of nature has a capacity to survive calamities such as injury, or in this case, a lightning strike. While I do not know a lot about the physiology of scar tissue co-existing with live tissue, many of us bear some parts that have been affected by misadventure or accident, and do quite well regardless.

I have seen trees split asunder by lightning, trunks burned and torn in explosive fashion. Curiously, much of the tree remains alive, thriving in spite of the charcoal, still a host site for flora and fauna as before.

Misfortune may shape us somewhat, but we hope to have the heart and will to make out. A lightning-split tree may now escape the logger's saw, and a remain a living monument to perseverance.

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