Like a cat

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Like a Cat

Coopers Hawk (and prey)
acrylic on masonite, 22 x 14 in. (2005)

Another of those "what I would rather not know" aspects of the raptors . . . they are known to kill other birds, young and old alike.

What? Those beautiful, sleek, dashing streaks in the sky?

While a larger portion of their diet is made up of the less well-liked creatures (such as field mice), there are the occasional falls from grace.

Hmmm . . . sounds a lot like a pet cat! Those cute, cuddly balls of purring fluff, disguise a feral streak (and a rap sheet) that would make a stone blush!

In a life time of studying and drawing birds, the Coopers Hawk has always been one of my favouites, given its red eye, russet body barring, svelte stealth shape and long loping talons. It is more a citizen of the American northeast, sometimes taking a wrong turn and winding up in eastern Ontario.

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