Long reach

Long Reach

African Bush Elephant
Acrylic on canvas, 25 x 30 in. 1996

The African Bush Elephant is the largest land creature living today. While endangered in many parts of Africa, it can be part of the problem in a way. The elephant can be a destructive forager: once all of the near-reach food is gone, it can stretch out and tear down the higher branches, or push the entire tree over. It is not uncommon for elephants to wipe-out entire stands of forage, endangering themselves as well as the plant species.

Despite conservation attempts, elephants are still killed for their ivory. Run-ins with their human neighbours also occur, sometimes with deadly results when the elephants raid crops, root through garbage, or venture onto busy roadways.

This painting is the result of almost a year of starting and stopping, building colour upon colour. The finish of the canvas is smooth because of this.

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