Rainy View

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Rainy View

The view through an automobile windshield on a rainy day
Acrylic on canvas, 18 x 24 inches (2010)

One of the many virtues that people should aquire is patience. Of many situations demanding patience, one is sitting in a car waiting for someone to complete a shopping task, or otherwise just show up. In the rain.

You can sit there with the motor running and switch on the windshield wiper now and then. Or you can just sit and watch the magical distortions of light, of objects, of people hurrying across the street. Watch the abstractions build and then morph into another shape, or conjoined shapes, constantly re-working themselves as the water falls and drools downward in rivers.

With enough water on the windshield, the patterns are erased and an even wall of water covers the glass, acting as a second lens. Reality almost returns.

When you flick the wiper switch momentarily you get to start all over: wiggly, wavy people, huge bloated signs, forms twisted and pulled sideways and every which way move before you . . . or you can read a book. I always have a "wait book" in the glovebox just in case it doesn't rain.

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