Soft Rock

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Soft Rock

exposed basalt by the water
acrylic on canvas, 24 1/8 x 18 1/8

Sometime ago when there was volcanic activity in parts of what we call Ontario, magma manufacturing occured largely underground, frustrated by a thick covering of metamorphic rock. In other words, pretty hard stuff.

However, thanks to the bulldozing of Ontario's soil into the northern U.S. by successive glaciations (four I think), the metamorphic rock was ground away. The hardened magma (basalt) ambitions were finally realized. A mixed blessing, however: now the elements have had at it, producing this pock-marked series of micro-lakes and ridges that dot the shorelines of Bay Lake, near Bancroft Ontario. You have to ask yourself "Why didn't the whole thing just wear-off?" (well, I ask myself this), and I have no answer. I can only suppose that a successive of many thousand seasons of forest wore away the softer paockets of the rock, producing this sporatic effect.

I don't know. If anyone has some answers, please correspond.

The bizarre yellow colourings are micro-plant growths latched onto the submerged rock, growing and dying in endless generations of aquatic lifetimes. Slippery too.

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