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Cedar Waxwing family
acrylic on canvas, 16 x 12 1/8 in. (2001)

After all that preening, and looking good, and keeping an attractive voice well-oiled with bugs and worms, the bonded pair yield to their instincts . . . and have kids.

While human babies are far more polite when it comes to the appearance of food on the spoon, these youngsters climb all over each other to make their beaks the first beaks. And the parents go through their own recursions of "Is that all you found?" "Have you something against big ones?" "Did you snack on the way?" and many other forms of deprecation to relieve the stress of the untuned melodies eminating from hungry maws . . .

Miraculously, families do grow and the squabbling over virtually anything is relieved, and left to far more important things.

Apologies to Roger Tory Peterson . . .

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