The Visitor

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The Visitor

An old school house and a guest
Acrylic on canvas, 24 5/8 x 18 5/8 in. (2006)

In eastern Ontario, and perhaps in many parts of the province, public buildings are often abandoned and then re-purposed. The longevity of brick and stone buildings helps this a lot, as timber and board outer structures tend to be taken by the wind in time. Schools, town halls, dance halls, community centres often live many lives, and even some not imagined by the founding members of the community.

The painting shows such a building near Winchester Springs Ontario, constructed in 1913. Judging by its interior of hanginging stove pipe rings and its one-roomedness, it was a school. It is now a potpourri of stored equipment and artifacts for the township.

As a painter, I enjoy the narrative value of an image. This building with its Date sign of 1913 suggest it is a school house, though its discolouration and peeling door paint suggest that it is no longer. The lady outfront looks at it from a distance . . . why? was she a student? a teacher? a realtor?

You take it from here . . .

P.S. The building is not distorted vertically as the image suggests. My photographic skills need more work.

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