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to the losers goes nothing

acrylic on canvas, 14 3/8 x 10 1/4 (November 2007)

One of the Hands series of paintings. Click the Hands icon below to view the paintings in the series.

A sad reality of war is that those who do not partake in the melee are frequently the victims of it. Innocents are taken captive, abused, held for ransom, or simply disappear. They are viewed as animals, perhaps worse, no longer worthy of treatment as sentient beings.

As an artist, I realize that I may be creating works that might be truly unsellable. Works such as this one portray very negative aspects of human nature. Even with the tremendous variety of tastes and persuasions out there, given the subject matter, this painting and others that depict human depravity may never find a place on the wall of a home. A museum maybe?

Images such as these are a reminder about the suffering of the innocent in conflict. You may feel that the reminder is un-necessary, but the horrors continue.

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