Barrel Rider

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Barrel Rider

a lady and her mount barrel riding
Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20 in (2012)

Horse racing has been around forever it seems. Whether a flat out speed contest, vaulting over steeplechase fences and shrubberies, twisting and cavorting in polo, and taking hard corners and sprinting like stink to the next corner in a barrel race.

In this painting, a lady rider is putting her mount through its paces, taking a turn around a barrel. The horse digs in with its left rear leg to pivot briefly at the corner, and then sprints to the next corner. The fastest around the course takes home the glory.

In passing, I gather that horses suffer the wear and tear of muscles, with sudden stops and starts putting a strain on joints, cartillage and tendons too. 'reminds me of Bobby Orr's dynamic style of play, a style that no set of bones and muscle could endure for very long.

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