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All Sorts candies
Acrylic on masonite, 14 x 12 inches (2007)

I think there is an association between candy (and sweets generally) and sin, no to mention over-the-top dramatic homilies such as "chocolate to die for". Personally, I would want to be wounded instead: I think it is called tooth decay . . .

Candies, such as these licorice All Sorts, are a marketing triumph as much as they are part of the human tradition of enjoying sweets in all form. They aren't good for you in any quantity, and our failure to enjoy in moderation rings* cash registers all over the world. In some countries, sweets are used as pacifiers as much as they are used as energy jolters: no better way to put a smile on the lips on one's opponents, with the possible exception of (chocolate) cigarettes.

To further the appeal, bright colours are used, luring consumers from far and wide. Myself, I do not enjoy the licorice candies (Twizzlers however ...), but the riot of colour overwhelms my lack of taste, so to speak.

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