Two Loons

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Two Loons

A fantasy of my grandson Xander and a friend of his
Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 30 inches (2011)

A kind of fantasy involving my first-born grandson Xander who has an affinity for the wet stuff, and his animal kingdom avatar, a loon. It is my prejudice that the loon is quite the fantastic name, and could apply to Xander were he to develop feathers and hold his breath for two minutes!

The scene is a community pool, with the weirdly meandering stripes and lines painted on the pool sideas and bottoms, distorted crazily and magically by the refraction of light. Colours and shading no longer have a lot of truth here as it is a kind of anything goes fantasia, with ropes of light colours forming on one and all, magnifying the tossing and dashing of the surface waves.

As you may have guessed, loons do not use their wings as steerage or propellant. They stay tightly enclosed to their body, with those hugely lobed feet providing the forward motion, steering and braking.

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